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You Are Not Alone - Let's Find Your Path Together

Are you in middle school or high school and trying to imagine what your future will look like?

Or are you the parent of someone who is starting to think about life after high school and you want to help... but aren't sure how?

There are so many options out there. How do you know what is the right path? Is it traditional college and then a career? Is it work first so that you know what you like and don't like before you commit to a plan of study? Or is it a combination of school and work so that you can manage your finances and your time to your satisfaction? There are many ways to be happy and successful - what is right for you?

I can help you think through all of your options.

I have spent my career helping people understand their educational options and career pathways. I have worked at universities, in consulting agencies, at ed tech platform companies and more. You can learn more about my background here.

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